Cornerstone Project

Cornerstone Project
Nil Magnum Nisi Bonum: There can be no greatness without goodness.

AT REYNEKE WE STRIVE FOR QUALITY WITH INTEGRITY. Environmentally, this is covered by our adherence to organics and biodynamics. Culturally we do this through our Cornerstone project.

Our workers are seen as the foundation of our house and the cornerstone of our business. After all, one cannot make great wine without good grapes and there’s no way of growing good grapes without having everyone on board.

The Indian philosopher Amartya Sen said that true empowerment is about the capability to choose for oneself. It’s something we wholeheartedly believe.

So we asked our workers what they’d choose for their life. The reply was home ownership and education for their children.

Today, we are very proud that the Reyneke Wines office and tasting room is run by Lizanne Jafta. She successfully completed her tertiary qualifications courtesy of the project.

In addition to housing and education, Allan Gray retirement annuities and funeral policies, have also been added to the pay structure of all permanent employees. This adds to the project’s longer term objectives with an emphasis on poverty alleviation, education and financial independence for all farm and winery workers.

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